Am i a good listener essay

how to be a good listener

You will also find a detailed action plan for developing and implementing better listening skills. Join all those who have downloaded it for free.

For others, the obstacle may be distraction; this, too, can be overcome. Summary of Main Points In a nutshell, I think one of the best way to be a good human being is to be a good listener. Good listening is a resourceful skill to expand the sources of information and knowledge that may be a good cause for you to gain wisdom.

He may or may not care about talking to you about the bill.

importance of being a good listener

Listening is probably the most important element for any relationships rather intimate or professional. Many people believe that good listening skills came naturally and that everyone has them, however neither of those are true. They treat what is shared with respect and where appropriate ongoing interaction.

As you focus on what the person is saying, you can respond when needed.

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A good listener: I am attentive and actively make efforts to understand others