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Toward the beginning of November my squad was assigned to a battalion of the 79th Infantry to direct the fire of the mounted artillery in support of the battalion. As the war continued, the Germans gradually lost their numerical superiority — which reflects the greater Soviet industrial capacity — but their most brilliant victories in were achieved with a convincing numerical superiority.

Americans were not anxious to help the Soviets. Almost a million Soviet troops were in place, although they had few tanks and aircraft left. They were supported by 2, aircraft of the Luftwaffe.

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AP Photo Burning houses, ruins and wrecks speak for the ferocity of the battle preceding this moment when German forces entered the stubbornly defended industrial center of Rostov on the lower Don River, in Russia, on November 22, Gerd von Rundstedtwith an armoured group under Gen.

Born in Bologna, Italy, inCastelletto had studied engineering at Padua before his love of horses motivated him to enlist in the mounted artillery. The invasion of the Soviet Union was originally given the code name Operation Fritz, but as preparations began, Hitler renamed it Operation Barbarossa, after Holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa reigned —90who sought to establish German predominance in Europe.

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In the background a German war plane takes off. AP Photo German soldiers, supported by armored personnel carriers, move into a burning Russian village at an unknown location during the German invasion of the Soviet Union, on June 26, For now, the southern front stayed where it was. Most of the Russian armour was on this front. The High Command had only considered the Soviet western army groups in their planning, and the presence of reserve forces and uncommitted formations in the Russian interior or on the eastern borders were disregarded. The two panzer groups then pressed ahead, linking up on the far side of Smolensk on 27 July in another double envelopment. The Nazis often emphasized the Soviet regime's brutality when targeting the Slavs with propaganda. Hitler's infamous 'Commissar Order', which sanctioned the execution of all captured political officers, also stiffened Russian resolve. From March until October , the United States provided the Russians with 15, aircraft, 7, tanks, , tons of explosives, 51, jeeps, , trucks, 2, locomotives, 11, rail wagons, 3 million tons of gasoline, and 15 million pairs of boots. Both the British and Americans passed on a variety of warnings and details about German troop movements.
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Operation Barbarossa a steppe too far for Germans