Academic honesty it was peer reviewed and

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academic integrity

He calls it the technological detachment phenomenon. We also wish to thank the librarians at the University of Calgary who assisted us in locating sources that were not readily available through our institutional databases.

Academic honesty it was peer reviewed and

Educational integrity in Canada is no exception to this need for independent, investigator-led research. It begins with establishing a culture of academic integrity and must include our students in educational sessions about the issues and establishing guidelines for appropriate behaviors. Accessed 13 June Young JR. He calls it the technological detachment phenomenon. Chron High Educ. What the Naylor report found about the situation of research in Canada as a whole, also relates to educational integrity on a smaller scale: to date, Canada has demonstrated a lack of research intensity with regards to academic integrity, which we contend needs to be remedied.

In our analysis, we found the work conducted by Butakov and his colleagues to be among the most technical, with a focus on computer science and software development. He found that, according to faculty, the most significant factors contributing to academic misconduct included students not understanding what is expected of them; institutional policies that are too lenient; external pressures on students e.

Accessed 13 June Completing a pharmacokinetics problem set, answering enough multiple-choice questions correctly to get the desired grade, completing research papers, and preparing manuscripts or other assignments is not the ultimate objective.

Although other literature reviews have been published with a single author conducting the analysis Joyce ; Widemanwe recognize that literature reviews today are considered more reliable when analysis is undertaken by two or more parties Booth et al.

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Qualitative interviews were used as the primary data collection method less often Fredeen ; Wideman , , , while focus groups were used in only two studies Bens ; Evans-Tokaryk Perhaps, we have taught them too well to work in groups and collaborate, and they may not know when to stop doing group work and start doing individual work. Using introductory pharmacy practice experiences to immerse pharmacy students in practice settings with good role models in the first year of school is important. Students must know they have reached the stage of preparing for a lifetime in an honored and respected profession as a pharmacist, scientist, or educator to name only a few career possibilities. Here are some things that I feel are issues for academic honesty: -Lack of knowledge in what Is considered honest and dishonest. With a population of 35 million Statistics Canada a , Canada is larger than the combined population of Australia with its population of 24 million Australian Bureau of Statistics and New Zealand with close to 4. I believe there should be punishment when it comes to severe cases of dishonesty. Procedures are in place in our schools and colleges to monitor student activities, including honor codes and ethics or academic integrity committees to enforce them, and use of examination proctors and anti-plagiarism software. I will also use the plagiarism checker provided by the university to double check. Patterns, correlates, and reduction of homework copying. We turn first to the work of Kara and MacAlister , who proposed a restorative justice approach to discipline, as an alternative to punitive processes that characterize academic appeal and student discipline boards. If institutions aim to develop evidence-informed policies and procedures, they may be left to consider literature from other jurisdictions which may not necessarily reflect the Canadian context.

We have conducted our review of the literature on and about the Canadian context as the first stand-alone analysis of its kind. As such, we call for our Francophone colleagues to conduct a companion literature review in French to complement this work.

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Publicly funded research, in particular, elevates the legitimacy of researchers, as well as the institutions with whom they are affiliated Cunningham et al. Procedures are in place in our schools and colleges to monitor student activities, including honor codes and ethics or academic integrity committees to enforce them, and use of examination proctors and anti-plagiarism software.

Academic integrity

Students also need a clear understanding that plagiarism is not merely copying word for word, but is also taking another's ideas and thoughts without attribution. Theme 1: Empirical research In terms of themes or constructs found between studies, we identified five sub-categories of empirical research: a focus on students; b focus on faculty; c combined student and faculty focus d research on policy or institutional approaches; and e literature review of empirical research. Recommendation 1: National-scale research. We found a total of 56 sources, almost evenly divided between descriptive and analytical works. Student leaders should facilitate these discussions with the student body. As a nation, Canada is poised to join the global dialogue on integrity, but there is a definitive need for an overall increase in attention to educational integrity from a Canadian research perspective. Further, we identified an imbalance in our thematic analysis, in terms of the amount of empirical research, versus those on prevention and professional development. Our final observation about these collaborations, offered with a note of regret, is that none of the highly recognized research teams appeared to have further developed sustained programs of research in the area of educational integrity, as we found no further evidence of publication after initial recognition of their contributions. Although Canadian researchers have contributed to scholarship on the topic of educational integrity over the past quarter decade or so, Canada has yet to develop substantive and consistent contributions to research. However, the most important element is instilling the desire to practice one's profession in an honest, ethical manner. This presents a consideration for future research in this area. Of the policy research we found, two focused on regional contexts related to one specific province, Ontario Griffith ; Neufeld and Dianda Hexham uses the same title and includes the same publication and revision dates on his website and in the ResearchGate version. In Canada, academic integrity needs to be elevated in terms of its legitimacy as a field of scientific and scholarly inquiry and one effective way to achieve this is to increase funding both in terms of publicly available research grants, as well as smaller institutional grants.

High tech cheating abounds and professors bear some blame. However, the most important element is instilling the desire to practice one's profession in an honest, ethical manner.

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Evans-Tokaryk studied remix culture as it relates to plagiarism, with data being collected through a faculty survey and student focus groups.

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The Problem of Academic Dishonesty and Possibilities for its Prevention